SubShifter – Online SRT Subtitles Sync Tool

Our free online tool that allow you to edit your subtitles in order to synchronize them with your movies by adding/decreasing subtitle's delay. This tool shifts all the time stamps of a movie subtitle file.

Feel Free to check our Subtitles Translator Tool.

Currently, we supports the SRT file format, which is supported by most modern media players, other subtitles file format coming soon.

If you faced any issue with this tool, please contact us, and give us your subtitle file name.

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How to Use This Tool

  1. Select the original subtitle file with the "Browse..." button.
  2. Enter the desired time shift in the "Time shift" field:
    • If the subtitles are late "you hear the audio first then after some seconds you see the corresponding subtitle", use a negative time shift.
    • If the subtitles are ahead of the movie "you see the subtitle first then after some seconds you hear the corresponding audio", use a positive time shift.
  3. Press the "Resync!" button, and wait for a couple of seconds.
  4. The Link that contains the shifted version of your subtitle file will appear at the page bottom, download it to your computer. Just select where you want to save it.
Subtitles Shifter
1 Subtitle file:
2 Time shift: